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    Debt-resolution is the best way to be out
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    Aleire defends against creditor lawsuits
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    Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC is a leading debt-resolution and financial services company. Our programs are FTC compliant and adhere to a strict criteria set forth by state and federal laws. Our debt resolution services are performance based, so our fees are collected only when your debts are settled. Our staff consists of some of the most proficient debt consultants in the industry; dedicated to assisting you in resolving your unsecured debts.
    Why Choose Aleire? Our commitment is to see you attain your goal of financial freedom, and we have the resources necessary to aid you through this process, with individualized attention. read more

    Burdenless Debt Relief Struggling with debt and creditor calls is extremely stressfull. We alleviate the burden of creditor hassles by offering legal protection for our clients throughout their settlement process. read more
    Confidentiality Our privacy practices emphasize safe guarding your personal information, with unparalleled security and confidentiality. With Aleire, your information is protected. read more

    Recovery Solutions We understand that your credit is also valuable. We take the necessary precautions to best protect and improve your credit score, so you can start your new debt free life on the right foot. read more
    Customer Focus Your needs as a client of Aleire are our top priority. We tailor our services to ensure no one goes neglected and has the support they need to get through their financial hardship. read more

    Easy to Get Started Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC will provide you with a FREE no obligation confidential debt evaluation. Call us at 1855.4.ALEIRE or click here to begin your life of debt freedom today.
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    Debt Resolution Program Aleire, The Nations Most Trusted Debt Resolution Agency
    aleire debt resolution

    When considering debt relief options, it is important to understand what works best for your unique financial situation. Debt Resolution is the only option that negotiates with your creditors to accept a reduced amount of debt owed, as payment in full. This option is as advantageous for you as it is beneficial to the lender. From the creditors prospective, they would rather receive a portion of the balance owed to them rather than nothing.

    Aleire takes great pride in providing our clients with exceptional service. We utilize proven debt-resolution principles and legal business practices. Our aim is to provide a service of integrity that places your needs first. Debt settlement with Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC is simply the best way to reach your goal of financial freedom within 12-36 months. learn more

    It was a disaster. My husband just lost his job and I was only working part time with 3 kids. I was surprised at how quickly credit card debt can build up, even with just paying the essentials.

    With extreme reluctance towards debt settlement, I chose Aleire. I really didn’t understand anything about the process. I was contacted by a financial counselor who was friendly and honest.

    They quickly evaluated my financial needs and I was able to settle my first account within 6 month. Aleire you are a lifesaver!

    KARON W., NY
    Debt Resolution

    Student Debt Relief Program Relief When You're Most Vunerable
    aleire student debt relief

    Nearly 20 million Americans attend college each year. Of that 20 million, close to 12 million – or 60% - borrow annually to help cover costs. There are approximately 37 million student loan borrowers with outstanding student loans today.

    While school can be rewarding borrowing is extremely burdensome. Both entry level professionals along with those that have been actively engaged in their industry for years are experiencing constantly struggle of student loan debt repayment. Our customers are given a free evaluation to determine what solutions would be best for them.

    From debt consolidation, repayment plans or even student loan forgiveness, our debt advisors deliver honest answers about tried and tested options that are sure to alleviate the burden of your student loan debt. learn more

    Debt Management Program Manage your monthly payments easily and efficiently
    aleire debt management

    Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC understands that there are multiple people facing insurmountable credit card debt at this time, and we have a successful solution for paying down debt. Most creditors have in place special provisions available exclusively through our non-profit agency. These include lowering your monthly interest, reducing your payments and stopping costly fees. This is beneficial to families operating on a limited budget and provides a way to get much more of your monthly payments applied to your principal balances.

    Our Debt Management Program also referred to as a Debt Management Plan or DMP, gives our clients a personalized, structured, repayment plan to address each creditor’s requirements. Unlike bankruptcy or debt settlement, all clients enrolled in this program repay 100% of the original debt. This program is an accelerated plan to help our client’s pay off their balances in an estimated 3-5 years. There are multiple benefits to joining our Debt Management Program (DMP) including but not limited to eliminating collection calls, reducing stress, shortening your payoff time, and making a single consolidated payment instead of multiple payments to different creditors. Our Counselors are ready to help you begin your journey to financial recovery. learn more

    Bankruptcy was not an option for me. I spent 6 months selling my companies assets to expand my business after the housing market fell apart.

    Nobody was issuing business loans, and my cash flow was shrinking quickly. Aleire Financial took me through a 4 month process of improving my credit.

    Though I had to make several cut backs, I was able to get the funding I needed after a significant improvement on my credit. Phenomenal service with outstanding attention to detail!

    Credit Repair

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