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About Us

We consider ourselves pioneers in debt relief strategies and solutions, focused solely on excellent service.

Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC

Aleire Financial Solutions, LLC is a diverse financial solutions agency providing various debt and asset management solutions. We are a leading debt resolution and financial services company. Our programs are FTC compliant and adhere to a strict criteria set forth by state and federal laws.

Our debt resolution services are performance based, so our settlement fees are collected only when your debts are settled. Our staff consists of highly proficient debt consultants with relevant industry experience; dedicated to assisting you in resolving your unsecured debts.


Aleire fights to ensure a stress free road to financial recovery. We are sensitive to the wishes of our customers guiding them through their unique debt relief plan, aiming never to burden the customer with our pricing structure.

Our legal protection provides full attorney representation for Aleire clients that choose to enroll. We understand that this is a vulnerable time for you and your family so we believe in having an open channel of accountability.

Our staff will monitor your accounts and keep you informed of all changes. It is our objective to help you to understand the process and progress of your program.


As a client of Aleire, we truly care about your needs. We have helped many people through their financial hardship, and take extreme pride in being a debt finance relief agency that operates with full legal transparency, and with the utmost integrity.

We desire to set an industry standard, by proving to be a reputable organization that is built on a foundation of trust, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to obtaining the best possible results for each of our clients.

Our program is simple and customer focused utilizing money savings methods for debt management, creditor mediation, and finance restructuring.

Why Choose Aleire? Aleire. The right choice for your personalized debt relief.

The average family is now burdened with more debt than ever before. Debt is usually accumulated over a period of time. You may have used your credit cards in the past as a stop-gap between paychecks; or simply spent impulsively and rationalized your purchases later. Whatever your reasons are for being in debt; a loss of a job, a cut back in work hours, a medical illness, or a divorce can send your financial life spinning out of control.

As you come to terms with your current financial situation and look for ways to handle your overwhelming debt, you will discover several debt relief options available for you to explore. Finding the right debt relief option will help alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by your debt.

Aleire offers legitimate options for achieving debt freedom. The focus of our processes is to put you in a position of power and to protect your assets. To alleviate debt problems, we have a clear plan of attack that comes with the advantages that only Aleire can provide:

  • No hidden or upfront debt resolution program fees.
  • 100% legal practices. Operating under applicable guidelines of the FTC, state and federal laws.
  • We have well established relationships with many of the larger creditors that are already willing to negotiate with us.
  • Attorney representation through our legal protection plan.
  • Certified consumer debt specialist and customer support team dedicated to your success.
  • Customized financial restoration solutions for each customer.

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