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Debt Relief Solutions

Our debt relief services were created with the customer in mind. Don’t settle for anything less than the attention you deserve.

aleire debt resolution
Debt Relief Program

Debt resolution is designed to help you reduce and eliminate your unsecured debt by settling with the creditor. It is easy to get started. Resolve your debt with Aleire, and start your journey towards debt free living. learn more

aleire student debt relief
Debt Relief Program

While school can be rewarding, borrowing is extremely burdensome to entry level professionals just entering the workforce. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or your student loans are years old, you can take charge of your student loan debt. learn more

aleire debt management credit counseling
Debt Relief Program

Aleire certified counselors will act as a mediator on your behalf with each of your creditors to lower your monthly payments and reduce the interest on your debt. We may also be able to get the late and over-the-limit charges waived. learn more

aleire legal protection
Debt Relief Service

Most debt settlement companies in operation today provide no legal protection for their clients, so in the event that the original creditor or a debt buyer files a lawsuit, the client often feels alone and scared without proper representation. Aleire provides the legal representation you need for a stress free financial recovery. learn more

aleire credit repair
Debt Relief Service

Your credit (FICO) score affects almost every aspect of your financial life. Many people spend an extra 30 -40% a month in higher interest rates for having a less than perfect credit rating. It is likely that your credit reports will contain some type of error at some point in time. Take the action necessary to restore and protect it. learn more

aleire debt consolidation
Debt Relief Service

Many students, after graduating, begin to realize that instead of paying one payment to a single lender, they have to pay multiple payments to more than one lender at a time with various interest rates. Consolidation removes the overwhelming obligation of repaying multiple lenders by giving you a lower single monthly payment, with a low fixed interest rate. learn more

aleire repayment options
Debt Relief Service

Our clients are given student loan repayment options, so you can select the one that works best for you and your budget. Our student loan repayment plans are either based on your present income or can be extended over time to leave room for a lower monthly payment.
learn more

aleire loan forgiveness
Debt Relief Service

Most people are unaware that there are any programs available that can help eliminate some or even all of your student loan debt. This is offered up in return for selecting a certain career path, military service, and even volunteer work. Contact Aleire today to determine if you are eligible. learn more

Debt Relief Options Important Considerations for Alternate Debt Relief Options

Your rights as a consumer grant you with a variety of debt relief options. Being well informed is the key to making advantageous decisions concerning solutions that work for your distinctive financial condition. We want you to be as informed as possible, so we have identified and outlined the most common debt relief solutions for you to familiarize yourself with:


Bankruptcy is often a last resort for people with substantial unsecured debt. It should not be entered into lightly, without serious consideration of its long term financial repercussions. There are two common forms of Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 can be difficult and almost impossible to qualify for, due to the recent government debt settlement order legislation enacted in October 2005. Chapter 7 effectively wipes away unsecured credit card debt, but not until analyzing your assets and potentially forcing sale in order to repay unsecured and secured creditors. Chapter 7 also requires you to pass a “means” test based on your income and where you reside. You are also required to take debt education classes. If you do not pass this test, you may have to file a Chapter 13. Chapter 13 or “reorganization” bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan managed through a court appointed trustee and can take a period of three to five years to complete.

The key to note here, is ultimate loss of control. You are choosing to allow a bankruptcy court to decide what is best for you, regardless of your opinion. Ultimately, bankruptcy is basically a government debt settlement order and has its place, but one must fully understand the implications of it (and how to maximize its effectiveness while minimizing the damage it brings) in order to continue productively into the future. Depending on the bankruptcy, you can still owe anywhere from 10% to 100% of your debts. You will likely lose control of your assets, substantially damage your credit for up to 10 years, and may lose control of your income through garnishment.

Those thinking about filing bankruptcy should consider the negative implications it may have when applying for new credit, purchasing or refinancing a home, renting an apartment, or applying for certain government jobs or promotions. Individuals who have a bankruptcy on their record may be denied some state licenses or insurance. Future credit may be costly and difficult to obtain as many lenders and creditors view a person with a bankruptcy as high risk for default. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should think about contacting a lawyer to discuss this option. Keep in mind that a bankruptcy lawyer will charge a flat upfront fee of approximately $2000 to $3000 for providing the bankruptcy service. Bankruptcy should be considered as only an absolute last resort.

The cost of not taking action...

The biggest mistake you could possibly make during a serious financial hardship would be to neglect the situation. Sadly, millions of people who are struggling with their debt continue making their minimum monthly payments in hope that a large cash lump-sum will change their financial situation.

A bailout of this kind is extremely rare and not worth considering when taking decisive action towards becoming debt free. The state of your finances will not improve by avoiding the problem. Struggling with debt will leave you feeling discouraged, scared, and depressed. The overwhelming burden of financial distress is sure to spill into your personal relationships. If you choose to not take action, one financial adversity can send your financial life whirling out of control. This is most definitely an option you should never consider.

These options are described here so that you are appropriately informed about your debt relief options. If you would like more information on how Aleire can help you, or if you would like to speak with a company representative about your personal situation, Call 1855.4.ALEIRE today for a free evaluation, or click below to get started.

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